Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Only in Penang - Part 1

Hai... since I stay at KL but no time to spent in my home town, Butterworth,Penang.One day when I going back my hometown I decide go to Penang and searching the street art.Actually I need to relax my mind from works and my daily routine.U can ride trishaw ,then the uncle will show you more street art in back lane.

old bicycle

  Uncle : I will show you the place and wait a second/minute for you take a picture.
Me : OK..ok thanks uncle yeah! cool..

Thanks uncle for give a good ride and brings us to back street lane for shoot with the street art.
First time ride trishaw even in my own home town.. ha..ha
with mouse ..
heyoo kitten..

I need space and time

Some one tagging me on Instgram .This street art by #ernestzacharevic.

 time for basketball.


Thanks to lovely husband for loving capture my photo.You is my husband and bff.OK that's all for this post.

P/S : maybe bored when to many photo..Right!

Friday, 31 January 2014

The Palazos + Purple Turban

I really love to wear this palazos style because the illusion will make me look a little bit taller than before,because actually my  height is only 4 feet  9inch " . Believe or not ? The Palazos material is from cotton and look flowy.

#fashion #purpleturban #hijab #hijabgirl #blogger #hijabbblogger #photohijab
 As usual my trademark and soul spirit,of couse is Purple right ?

#photo #hijab #turban #hijabtrends #bloggers #photographer #purple

I hope my life is filled with passion.



Hijab : Purple Turban by The Purple Roomz
Jacket : Black PVC
Pants : Palazos 
Shoes : Flowery Boots.

Time: 4:30 - 6 :30 pm.
Location : Taman Tasik Perdana ,KL.
Shoot by : Lovely husband :D

Hai and asalamualikum to reader and blogger.Let's make a start for next February dear.This month will be my new chapter in my life because I will start working at a new place.I hope can move forward and improve my marketing skills too even I in graphic, photo and fashion line.
I pray that I'm strong and resilient spirit.

P/S : Some of them, like to see you fall and not many people want to see you succeed.

Sesungguh percaya pada diri sendiri dan sekiranya kamu rasa lemah ,ingat Allah sentiasa ada disisimu dan mendengar rintihan dan doamu.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 !


Hello and hai to all readers or bloggers out there.Today I'm writing this post for bye bye 2013.It normal thing and scene when a bad and good thing happen in our life.This year really heavy and hard to survive.All people around the world feel headache thinking about what will happen in our future time and next year.

I'm trying to say here, that just keep on hardworking and don't give up.Life must go on..right.I hope so 2014 will be better for improve our life time and financial.No one wants to live in a bad financial situation.

This year even I feel so toughf but I have be thankful when I can do my own brand label and design Hijab The Purple Roomz.Look like normal thing when just start doing online business,but the important part I try to make different and exclusive.Then the design will become rare and not same like other people.

I hope 2014 will be a better and better .No happy new year or what to celebrate.Save money for yourself and your financial future, because we do not know what will happen later in the day.

A sad scene for this year is, when I loose my job, because of company family conflict at my work place but the thankful and good thing when I can start The Purple Roomz production and design my own shawls label hijab. Starting step by step.Experience make perfect to complete the journey.

BYE BYE 2013

Monday, 30 December 2013

Hijab Tutorial - Alwani Series by The Purple Roomz

I share this video because response from others and customer,how to wear this kind of shalws.
Half plain and half design.So I put the name Alwani Series.In Arabic Alwani means Colouful.

Shawls : The Purple Roomz

Black PVC leather jacket + chiffon shawls.

Enjoy watch the tutorial YEAH!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Neon Colour Inspiration

Cute satchel bag is looking trendy and classic.The colour of blocking and bright make attention when you carry this bag.


 It's looks lovely right

P/S I Pic from : Satchel Bag

Maybe you are wondering what relevance is it ?

I see all this neon colour look interesting.So it's really make a sense to me,then I got the idea to create new series shawls.
So I decide to choose neon colour for my collection.
 How it looks ?

nanablogthepurpleroomz_shawls designerandphotographer
 Shoot model is happy and fun thing to me..So I can see how the output will come out.

Photographer : Nana


Shawls : The Purple Roomz

 Ok that's all for this time.Continue next come out design collection and other job too.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Hijab Tutorial - Eryna Series by The Purple Roomz

Finally I have to make own video for my beloved customer .They one to know how to wear 2 way colour shalws like this.

This shawls have 2 side colour.So I choose the ambient colour like purple + blue ..So let's watch the tutorial Yeah!. Very simple style ,less then 2 minutes.

OK enjoy the video.

Purple Jacket + Purple feat Blue shawls by The Purple Roomz

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Shooting Model Outdoor : Hijab Girl

Hai ,it's has been so long I don't upload blog.Too many thing to settle down when something happen in my job or carrier.This is a test of the most intense of my life.

Ok continue about shooting model Hijab.Ok actually I'm shooting my second model for my brand The Purple Roomz hijab .So I decided to do outdoor photoshoot for more flowy effects of chiffon shawls.I will show the photo that I shoot and my shawls design.

It's very difficult when I have to shoot on 12.30 until 2.30pm.I choose to shoot on morning because I love natural light.But what to do, I have to waiting for makeup team..

 I present this shalws name Faiqa Series.Faiqa means Renown , Leading and Up.

This is Alwani Series shalws .
Alwani means Colourful.So I have design and colorful shawls to hijab women choose their own design.
Makeup Artist adjusting..but hijab style I have to decide.
Photographer : Nana

Model : Azeera
Place : Tasik Ampang Hilir,Ampang ,Selangor.
Camera : Canon EOS 1100D
Time : 12.30pm - 02.30pm.

Ok that's all for hijab outdoor photo,after I produce second batch shalws design.
Feel free to blog walking at Shopthepurpleroomz yeah..

Monday, 9 September 2013

The Purple Roomz Label !

I'm so happy when receiving my label The Purple Roomz.So second batch production I can put my label at my shawl design and to produce The Purple Roomz brand.I know this sound is cliche for who already have a big name label and famous brand.After a month, I was able to produce and I have a little budget to make own labels.


 Feel excited when first time receiving the label.

Started from a small business, we can eventually expand even this is my side income.


Ok that's all right now.I have to work hard to manage time for built my own business and to present The Purple Roomz label.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Black + White : Round Sunglass

So happy that now I'm typing this blog post from my home sweet home.Just rest and relaxing at home and cook for husband when he come back home from work. Rest from working day is really calm and happy. In next of September I have to continue my work because I get to start at a new place but still in Textiles company.It's ok and I realize no one know about our future..Right..

Ok it's so long and slow to me for updating blog because of bussy working before this..Today I will update about Black and White outfit with my Round..and Round Sun glass..


blackwhite_blog thepurpleroomz
White Blouse + Pants Diamond Design

Chiffon Shawls from The Purple Roomz + Round Sunglass

round sun

Suites your spectacles or sunglass with your shapes of the face..
P/S pic from  


Look at the mirror and find out your face shape dear.

OK which one is your face shape..?


Actually I'm not really wear high heels,but the only I love about this heels because of the design and texture .
High Heels : Balalaca

blackwhite_blog thepurpleroomz

OK that's all about my Black & White with the round sunglass.

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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Time for Set Up

Hai , It has been so long I don't update blog.Almost two months.Actually  I have very bussy set up my home studio for The Purple Roomz and so bussy preparing my label hijab The Purple Roomz.It was take a time for me to set up all this thing.Home studio is very important for me,so I can shoot my model picture wearing hijab or shawls.So because my job also as a graphic designer and photographer so it's time for me use my skills and apply on my photo.It's was a challenging part because I will choose the design and fabrics,meet the tailor,I shoot the photo and complete my website too.It's ok starting from small bussiness.

fashions_blog thepurpleroomz
My lighting bag..

blog thepurpleroomz
Thanks to my lovely husband for helping prepare all the Light set up .

blog thepurpleroomz

blog thepurpleroomz
This studio will be my new spirit :D

I choose to do online bussiness and selling the shawls,because the passion in fashions and hijab :D


All the design and fabric selection Iand searching by my self with my knowledge about fabrics.After select the fabrics then sending to tailor and deal the price.I feel tired but happy with my passions ...

nana_blog thepurpleroomz
I choose chiffon material for start my collections.

Plain chiffon with pastel colour.

Model for The Purple Roomz


blog thepurpleroomz

You can view my collections here ...

blog thepurpleroomz

 Feel free to see shopthepurpleroomz facebook.
Hope can LIKE Shopthepurpleroomz and support :D

Ok  that's all for this time.Hope this all will be a great opputunity for me to survive and hope you all will support me ..