Saturday, 4 February 2017

Photography : Why I believe - Baby Adorable

Today I'm missing to write everything . I see my self through the eyes who really love me. Life has no guarantees except for what you are living now. Take care of yourself and those who need you care first. Cherish every moment that you're alive, healthy and capable of being the person that you are.

You are different. You are unique. Unless you truly believe that, happiness will stay that beautiful butterfly that you keep chasing but cannot catch.Today I believe every thing was happened is unplan and I still do not know my destiny. My stronger comes when I believe in myself.

Enjoy my photo :D
Baby : Raisha Adeefa
Age : 20 Days

Time: 8.30 - 10 :00 am.
Location : Anak Bukit, Alor Star Kedah.
Shoot by : NANA

Gear : Canon 550D
Baby + Pink Net + Round Bucket + White Towel + Flower + Ribbon

baby #babygirl #photography baby #potret

Everything is wonderful baby.

baby #babygirl #photography baby #potret

Sleep in peace little girl.

baby #babygirl #photography baby #potret

baby #babygirl #photography baby #potret

baby #babygirl #photography baby #potret

Life's too short and it's so easy to convince yourself .I try to convince my self also to accept the fact.

Hidup tak seindah yang dibayangkan.Namun hati dan jiwa tetap perlu kental. Manusia semua sama saja disisi Allah walaupun rendah atau tinggi darjat kamu.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Break My Style - Legging Black Pants + Black Shoes

What a wonderful April to me for this month , and last Wednesday is my birthday on 13 April .Age
just a number since I'm 31 yrs old now.. LOL.Thanks for my Clicks for have a short and suprise celebrate after working time.

Too many stories and I guess to go through, and I need the spirit and power tonnes to cope.

I break my style and back to basic colour Black + Grey .Seriously I love this brand outfit.Then I really love legging pants from Uniqlo and Shoes from H&M .

So today i decided to have a photoshoot at IKEA Cheras ,Kuala Lumpur . 

#style #pants #black #fashions #thepurpleroomz #blogthepurplerooma #nanathepurpleroomz

If u wish to catch the fox with the baby ,u can purchased at IKEA

Black long sleeve shirt + black pants (Uniqlo) + Grey shawl + Danial Wellington + Black Shoes Divided (H&M)

#style #pants #black #fashions #thepurpleroomz #blogthepurplerooma #nanathepurpleroomz

#style #pants #black #fashions #thepurpleroomz #blogthepurplerooma #nanathepurpleroomz

#style #pants #black #fashions #thepurpleroomz #blogthepurplerooma #nanathepurpleroomz

#style #pants #black #fashions #thepurpleroomz #blogthepurplerooma #nanathepurpleroomz

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Varsity Jacket by Tarik Jeans + Pink Turban

Hello everyone..seen a couple of month I have done my routine , sometimes I get high sometimes I get low. So today I will update about the Varsity Jacket by Tarik Jeans made in Malaysia. I choose heavy pink colour for this time with my turban style. Here my "Who's Your Mamak " Tarik Jacket if u can see...

To get know MORE about Tarik founder click here TARIK JEANS
FRONT VIEW                                                       BACK VIEW
Turban + Jacket + Jeans + Flowery Boots



Other than jacket, jeans Tarik also have Tote beg and keychain.

Hijab : Turban
Jacket : Tarik Jeans
Pants : Guess 
Shoes : Flowery Boots.

Time: 4:30 - 6 :30 pm.
Location : Times Square KL.
Shoot by : Lovely husband :D

Monday, 6 April 2015

What's a Animal World - Zoo Melaka

Happy April for everyone !!!

Seen I need time for updating my blog because everyday routine and this is my first post for this year.This time I will just sharing animals picture for you all to view .Now I'm part of animal lover. Actually I came to Zoo Melaka because since childhood I had never seen a Zebra.

So this the ticket price and pass ticket for Zoo Melaka. Adult RM15.00 only

I buy the fridge magnet here because I'm the fridge magnet collector , the cost about RM9.90 each.

Let's start the journey !

#elephant #gajah
Gajah didapan mata memang nampak  . ELEPHANT - ELEPHAS MAXIMUS

Semut jugak yang ko perasan . ANT - FORMICIDAE

If you wish don't walking inside this area ,then u can buy a ticket for looking the animals.
Seen the zoo keeper look boring!!! ha..ha...ha..

The bear also look lazy and sleepy.

I seeking for Northern river terrapin.

 northern river terrapin.

Yes I found Stork !

#Milky Stork Mycteria cinerea
When the stork try to pose . MILKY STORK MYCTERIA CINERIA

#bangau #photobangau photo





#giraffe #Giraffa camelopardalis

#zirafah #gambarzirafh #giraffe #Giraffa camelopardalis

Ok that's all my animal photo.I found the giraffe and tiger but unfortunately no Zebra and I feel so sad but still satisfied with the animal photo that I can shoot.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Black Maxi + Flowery Boots

Sometime I need time and space for refresh my self.Prepare with plan,people will remove you just like that. That's what happened to me!

Today I just went out with hubby and my brother for helping him bought some stuffs at Kenanga City Mall. He will doing sale for pocket money.While waiting and board just take a photo for fun...

The black maxi I buy at bundle shop only RM10,and the maxi from KOREA.Material from cotton and I buy it because the simple design and cheap price.I'm just wearing what afford to me.No Channel,Prada or LV.Save money for own business The Purple Roomz.

 Serious face and tired that day.


        Flowery old boots


Done and settle the stuffs thing we went to Subang Jaya.USJ 15 meet cousins,Afiq or Amber.owner then he bring Yuna for hang out ..:D

#yuna #yunamusic #thepurpleroomz #nana
owner 14NOV . owner The Purple Roomz . owner

I'm so tired for today,suddenly change because starstruck meet Yuna Zarai ..That's all story for today.

I was impressed with Yuna talented and and currently Yuna was create name in Los Angeles.This song tittle RESCUE is inspired me.

Monday, 3 March 2014

The Palazos + Purple Turban

I really love to wear this palazos style because the illusion will make me look a little bit taller than before,because actually my  height is only 4 feet  9inch " . Believe or not ? The Palazos material is from cotton and look flowy.

#fashion #purpleturban #hijab #hijabgirl #blogger #hijabbblogger #photohijab
 As usual my trademark and soul spirit,of couse is Purple right ?

#photo #hijab #turban #hijabtrends #bloggers #photographer #purple

I hope my life is filled with passion.



Hijab : Purple Turban by The Purple Roomz
Jacket : Black PVC
Pants : Palazos 
Shoes : Flowery Boots.

Time: 4:30 - 6 :30 pm.
Location : Taman Tasik Perdana ,KL.
Shoot by : Lovely husband :D

Hai and asalamualikum to reader and blogger.Let's make a start for next February dear.This month will be my new chapter in my life because I will start working at a new place.I hope can move forward and improve my marketing skills too even I in graphic, photo and fashion line.
I pray that I'm strong and resilient spirit.

P/S : Some of them, like to see you fall and not many people want to see you succeed.

Sesungguh percaya pada diri sendiri dan sekiranya kamu rasa lemah ,ingat Allah sentiasa ada disisimu dan mendengar rintihan dan doamu.