About NANA

Hi, I' Nana. Born on 13 April 19??, at Butterwoth, Penang.Malaysia. I'm working as a Graphic Designer Cum Photographer for the the textiles company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.I will be sharing a wide variety of pictures here from my official assignment and personal pictures.

I'm graduate in Diploma In Animation from UNIKL in year 2006. After graduate I'm working as Background Artist, an Animator doing 2D and 3D animation. After four years, I switched to the field of graphic and photography.We have to be flexibel for survive.Now I'm doing what I interested and love. 

Working in the textile industry taught me a lot about the business world and gain a lot of experience and motivated me towards Fashions + Model + indirect photography.

Thank you for visiting blog thepurpleroomz and if you have any questions, feels free to contact me through my email 

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Hope ur dreams come true.. :)