Tuesday 25 December 2012

Fun Fair at Night

 The neon light make me feel excited to shoot in this mood.
Unfortunately there are no stars in the sky as new after rain.

Token House.

Fun Fair at Night
 The movement effects. 

Fun Fair at Night
The haunted house.

neon at Fun Fair at Night
 Neon at bumper car.

Fun Fair at Night
The beauty of neon lights.

Time : 8.30p.m
Place : Taman Dagang,Galaxie Ampang.Kuala Lumpur.
Camera Model : Canon EOS 1100D Kit (EF S18-55 IS II)

I only use Canon EOS 1100D for shoot this picture.You can see the quality of the image even this camera for new user.It's OK and fine ,just use what you have.No need to buy an expensive camera or lense.What you need here is a just a piece of idea and creativity.

Cuci mata dengan lampu neon dan permainan kat pesta sekali -sekala.

The neon light make me feel interested to shoot in fun fair night.See.. the light and movement effects.Unfortunately there are no stars in the sky as new after rain.


Yulia Rahmawati said...

great pictures
my fave is the haunted house :D

NANA said...

thanks Yulia Rahmawati for comment " Fun fair at night " photo.

De' Wanie said...

eh2...macam kat pesta penang lah...lama xpegi..;)

NANA said...

thanks De Wanie sudi singgah blog thepurpleroomz.

S.N.R said...

Cantik lah gambar. nad dah pernah amin kt situu. heeee

NANA said...

thanks nad for spend your time see my picture,nice to be new follower here.