Sunday 2 December 2012

Purple Turban

Purple Turban
 Purple Turban + White Dress

 White dress also nice.

Purple TurbanPurple Turban
Actually I just got back from the friend wedding.Feel free, just go Central Market,Pasar Seni, KL

Purple Turbanpurple turban

 I found Yuna picture from Rotikaya .The colours also same like me.See..see..But I don't copy what she wear.


Halo Hasta said...

pretty turban style <3

NANA said...

thanks Rini Hastuti :)

nice to be a new friend here..


Purple turbans are my most worn ones :)
Best, Eva Ana Kazic
Executive director of ALLAROUNDEVE

NANA said...

thanks Eva Ana Kazic for see my Purple Turban here :)