Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lonely Unicorn

This is for my final project for drawing subject.I choose to draw unicorn. Actually for this finale project is FREE title.May choose what the best massage u want to explain.

Media: box board A1 size, white paint emulsion, pencil,soft pastel colour.

Why my title drawing is Lonely Unicorn ?
Unicorn is a horned horse.I like to see unicorn picture.Look like something to tell about,sure there is a story behind it. If we be a alone,life will feel gloomy.

Before this I'm lonely person.I don't care what people talk about me.I have friends,but there all not goods friends.Some people just like to see u are falling down in your life.There only 1 good friends for you,friend can be with u in hard time.So i express my self life like I'm lonely unicorn.

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