Sunday 23 September 2012

Lonely Unicorn

This is for my final project for drawing subject.I choose to draw unicorn. Actually for this finale project is FREE title.May choose what the best massage u want to explain.

Media: box board A1 size, white paint emulsion, pencil,soft pastel colour.

Why my title drawing is Lonely Unicorn ?
Unicorn is a horned horse.I like to see unicorn picture.Look like something to tell about,sure there is a story behind it. If we be a alone,life will feel gloomy.

Before this I'm lonely person.I don't care what people talk about me.I have friends,but there all not goods friends.Some people just like to see u are falling down in your life.There only 1 good friends for you,friend can be with u in hard time.So i express my self life like I'm lonely unicorn.

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