Tuesday 31 December 2013

2014 !


Hello and hai to all readers or bloggers out there.Today I'm writing this post for bye bye 2013.It normal thing and scene when a bad and good thing happen in our life.This year really heavy and hard to survive.All people around the world feel headache thinking about what will happen in our future time and next year.

I'm trying to say here, that just keep on hardworking and don't give up.Life must go on..right.I hope so 2014 will be better for improve our life time and financial.No one wants to live in a bad financial situation.

This year even I feel so toughf but I have be thankful when I can do my own brand label and design Hijab The Purple Roomz.Look like normal thing when just start doing online business,but the important part I try to make different and exclusive.Then the design will become rare and not same like other people.

I hope 2014 will be a better and better .No happy new year or what to celebrate.Save money for yourself and your financial future, because we do not know what will happen later in the day.

A sad scene for this year is, when I loose my job, because of company family conflict at my work place but the thankful and good thing when I can start The Purple Roomz production and design my own shawls label hijab. Starting step by step.Experience make perfect to complete the journey.

BYE BYE 2013

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hye..just blogwwalking n done following ur blog..nice blog

Come n visit me ok..=)