Thursday, 12 December 2013

Neon Colour Inspiration

Cute satchel bag is looking trendy and classic.The colour of blocking and bright make attention when you carry this bag.


 It's looks lovely right

P/S I Pic from : Satchel Bag

Maybe you are wondering what relevance is it ?

I see all this neon colour look interesting.So it's really make a sense to me,then I got the idea to create new series shawls.
So I decide to choose neon colour for my collection.

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 How it looks ?

nanablogthepurpleroomz_shawls designerandphotographer
 Shoot model is happy and fun thing to me..So I can see how the output will come out.

Photographer : Nana

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Shawls : The Purple Roomz

 Ok that's all for this time.Continue next come out design collection and other job too.

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illy ariffin said...

cantik suka tengok :) colour2 menarik n sweet jer