Tuesday 27 October 2015

Varsity Jacket by Tarik Jeans + Pink Turban

Hello everyone..seen a couple of month I have done my routine , sometimes I get high sometimes I get low. So today I will update about the Varsity Jacket by Tarik Jeans made in Malaysia. I choose heavy pink colour for this time with my turban style. Here my "Who's Your Mamak " Tarik Jacket if u can see...

To get know MORE about Tarik founder click here TARIK JEANS
FRONT VIEW                                                       BACK VIEW
Turban + Jacket + Jeans + Flowery Boots



Other than jacket, jeans Tarik also have Tote beg and keychain.

Hijab : Turban
Jacket : Tarik Jeans
Pants : Guess 
Shoes : Flowery Boots.

Time: 4:30 - 6 :30 pm.
Location : Times Square KL.
Shoot by : Lovely husband :D

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