Sunday 28 July 2013

Time for Set Up

Hai , It has been so long I don't update blog.Almost two months.Actually  I have very bussy set up my home studio for The Purple Roomz and so bussy preparing my label hijab The Purple Roomz.It was take a time for me to set up all this thing.Home studio is very important for me,so I can shoot my model picture wearing hijab or shawls.So because my job also as a graphic designer and photographer so it's time for me use my skills and apply on my photo.It's was a challenging part because I will choose the design and fabrics,meet the tailor,I shoot the photo and complete my website too.It's ok starting from small bussiness.

fashions_blog thepurpleroomz
My lighting bag..

blog thepurpleroomz
Thanks to my lovely husband for helping prepare all the Light set up .

blog thepurpleroomz

blog thepurpleroomz
This studio will be my new spirit :D

I choose to do online bussiness and selling the shawls,because the passion in fashions and hijab :D


All the design and fabric selection Iand searching by my self with my knowledge about fabrics.After select the fabrics then sending to tailor and deal the price.I feel tired but happy with my passions ...

nana_blog thepurpleroomz
I choose chiffon material for start my collections.

Plain chiffon with pastel colour.

Model for The Purple Roomz


blog thepurpleroomz

You can view my collections here ...

blog thepurpleroomz

 Feel free to see shopthepurpleroomz facebook.
Hope can LIKE Shopthepurpleroomz and support :D

Ok  that's all for this time.Hope this all will be a great opputunity for me to survive and hope you all will support me ..


Adeayu Hadijah said...

OMG the home studio!!! You make me envy XD I want one!
I love the pastel color of your hijab series, if only you live in indonesia ^^ because the shipping will be expensive, right?

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NANA said...

hai ayu thanks for the first comment :D

yup for the shipping cos will be expensive,so for this first time I try to reach at the stage..First will be Malaysian market,who will know one day I can expand to Singapore then Indonesia :D

Cherry Dunia said...

I love that studio. It amazing, and your collection is adorable :)