Friday 30 August 2013

Black + White : Round Sunglass

So happy that now I'm typing this blog post from my home sweet home.Just rest and relaxing at home and cook for husband when he come back home from work. Rest from working day is really calm and happy. In next of September I have to continue my work because I get to start at a new place but still in Textiles company.It's ok and I realize no one know about our future..Right..

Ok it's so long and slow to me for updating blog because of bussy working before this..Today I will update about Black and White outfit with my Round..and Round Sun glass..


blackwhite_blog thepurpleroomz
White Blouse + Pants Diamond Design

Chiffon Shawls from The Purple Roomz + Round Sunglass

round sun

Suites your spectacles or sunglass with your shapes of the face..
P/S pic from  


Look at the mirror and find out your face shape dear.

OK which one is your face shape..?


Actually I'm not really wear high heels,but the only I love about this heels because of the design and texture .
High Heels : Balalaca

blackwhite_blog thepurpleroomz

OK that's all about my Black & White with the round sunglass.

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