Monday 3 March 2014

The Palazos + Purple Turban

I really love to wear this palazos style because the illusion will make me look a little bit taller than before,because actually my  height is only 4 feet  9inch " . Believe or not ? The Palazos material is from cotton and look flowy.

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 As usual my trademark and soul spirit,of couse is Purple right ?

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I hope my life is filled with passion.



Hijab : Purple Turban by The Purple Roomz
Jacket : Black PVC
Pants : Palazos 
Shoes : Flowery Boots.

Time: 4:30 - 6 :30 pm.
Location : Taman Tasik Perdana ,KL.
Shoot by : Lovely husband :D

Hai and asalamualikum to reader and blogger.Let's make a start for next February dear.This month will be my new chapter in my life because I will start working at a new place.I hope can move forward and improve my marketing skills too even I in graphic, photo and fashion line.
I pray that I'm strong and resilient spirit.

P/S : Some of them, like to see you fall and not many people want to see you succeed.

Sesungguh percaya pada diri sendiri dan sekiranya kamu rasa lemah ,ingat Allah sentiasa ada disisimu dan mendengar rintihan dan doamu.

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