Saturday 31 May 2014

Black Maxi + Flowery Boots

Sometime I need time and space for refresh my self.Prepare with plan,people will remove you just like that. That's what happened to me!

Today I just went out with hubby and my brother for helping him bought some stuffs at Kenanga City Mall. He will doing sale for pocket money.While waiting and board just take a photo for fun...

The black maxi I buy at bundle shop only RM10,and the maxi from KOREA.Material from cotton and I buy it because the simple design and cheap price.I'm just wearing what afford to me.No Channel,Prada or LV.Save money for own business The Purple Roomz.

 Serious face and tired that day.


        Flowery old boots


Done and settle the stuffs thing we went to Subang Jaya.USJ 15 meet cousins,Afiq or Amber.owner then he bring Yuna for hang out ..:D

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owner 14NOV . owner The Purple Roomz . owner

I'm so tired for today,suddenly change because starstruck meet Yuna Zarai ..That's all story for today.

I was impressed with Yuna talented and and currently Yuna was create name in Los Angeles.This song tittle RESCUE is inspired me.

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